12 May

Dirty Bathtub

Dirty Bathtub

I dreamed I was getting ready to take a bath and noticed how dirty the tub was. I thought to myself my God this tub is filthy, how can anyone get out of it and not clean behind themselves. The big black ring of dirt around the sides of the tub stood out the most. I remember thinking where will I start first what can I use to remove the dirty ring around the tub. I woke up before starting to clean up the messy situation.


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  • Bobbie Ann Pimm
    Professional Reflector

    Bobbie Ann Pimm

    Posted on May 19, 2018

    Thanks for sharing your dream, dreamcatcher9021. If this were my dream, I would ask myself, "How do I feel I am dealing with cleaning up someone's else's dirty messes in waking life? How do I feel I am dealing with the aftermath of someone's anger or negativity?"

    • dreamcatcher9021


      Posted on May 20, 2018

      I agree with you in wake life l spend to much time trying to fix or clean up other people messes... I'm always finding myself dealing with people anger and negativity. I'm a human magnet always attracting the wrong people.