10 Mar

Devil's Hand

Devil's Hand

So, in my dream I had dreamed about a small, black longhorn skull with black, red, yellow, green feathers on the left side. It was in a dark place. It was all ashy and burned looking. So was the skull. Then next to it there was a tall, black, ashy creature with very broad shoulders and it was wearing a black, shadowy cloak. And it had no head. Then I woke up, (in my dream) and I hadn't told my mom. And when ever I went outside those to creatures chased after me. I screamed at the top of my lungs every time. But I was the only one who could see it apparently because every time i screamed my mom asked me why I was screaming. Then I told her what I saw in my dream. She looked it up and said that if you dream that, the devil was holding your hand. You would have burn marks on your hands. I looked at my hand and sure enough, there were small burn marks on either side of my hand. "Mom! Look!" I said. Then I actually woke up. I looked at my hand and there was a tiny burn mark on my hand this morning. What does this mean?!


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  • remired


    Posted on Mar 11, 2017

    If our hands are burned "you have been playing with fire" or you have accidentally burned them. Having your hand burned indicates that your wholeness and possibility for growth have been weakened because your hand represents your ability to affect the world around you and that ability has been weakened. The dark figure is a representation of your shadow, often a helpful figure in a dream, but here you are afraid of what it represents. By making peace with your shadow and pulling power from the darkness your hand will heal, your ability to grow and move forward will be unencumbered. The skull is a marker for the dreamworld, a place where you enter, behind it lies darkness. The dark figure is not the devil, there is no head, no consciousness, it is the part of you which goes unrecognized, unavailable, and rejected.

    • Suzanne Bergmann
      Professional Reflector

      Suzanne Bergmann

      Posted on Mar 11, 2017

      Hi MidnightHowl! If this were my dream, it would reflect my inner "hell" and would highlight my shadow aspect of self or a part of self I have demonized and cast aside as "not me." The dream would reflect my inner conflicts and how ineffective my attempts to run away, escape or avoid this issue is. The burned hands would symbolize for me both my fear of "being burned" by trusting or reach out as well as reflecting past hurts that have had an impact both on my relationships and my ability to care for myself. I would ask myself, "How does my dream show me that I must heal myself from within first?" and "How can I accept myself and reverse some of my negative thoughts about self that label me as "bad" in some way as suggested in my dream?"