13 Dec

Demon's Lair

Demon's Lair

I was completely removed from this dream as a character because it played more like a movie that I was watching.
There is a devil or demon type of figure leading a man down a hallway. The film looks aged as if this happened many years ago, but I can see that there are doors occasionally along the wall. It feels like they are in a mansion and that the demon is trying to trap the man there for some reason. Before they make it too far down the hallway other trapped souls start banging on the walls to alert the man. The demon has to think quickly and starts getting the man drunk by offering him expensive alcohol. At this point a red dot inside of the vent on the ceiling catches my eye. It's following the man's every movement and I realize that this poor man has no way out of this scenario. Even if he managed to escape the demon, there's some sniper tracing his every movement through the vents who is ready to take him out if it becomes necessary. I feel concerned for the man even though I don't know him and it no longer feels like I'm watching a movie. The man miraculously manages to evade the demon and get into a side room. At this point, a little Asian boy comes out of the closet with a pizza and offers some to the man. He is dressed as a delivery boy for a pizza chain, but he says that his mom made the pizza. The man isn't sure if it's a trick, but he urgently advises the kid to leave and turns down the pizza. As the kid heads back toward the closet the demon busts into the room and kills the man.


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    Posted on Dec 13, 2017

    The hallway is the journey though life, the doors leading to all the places he knows, it takes place like this because of the third person view. You would dream of a house or building and when you entered into another room, you would be in a different place, and this is the mind shortcutting because its not important enough to show the transition between places. The demon most likely represents a human counterpart, just like God can have human counterparts so can demons and the devil. Its basically the monster in the woods dream.