12 Nov



I? remember hanging out with a friend and looking down the street seeing a tall winged demon. I? ran across the street, back to my house, and told my mom that there was a demon heading our way. She then went outside and she couldn’t see anything, but it was standing right next to her. There was a lot of back and forth as she denied its existence and I? tried to confirm it. The dream ended with me sitting her down and telling her that I? should get some help for the visions so maybe I? would stop seeing the demon.

The photo sorta shows what I? see in the dream except the dream has more detail.


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  • Eric


    Posted on Nov 16, 2017

    Maybe it was me. I once had a dream that I peeled off my human skin and there was a winged demon underneath, and even though I couldn't flap my wings I could float through the air. (I did have that dream, but don't believe I could have entered someone else's. In all seriousness, my best guess is that there's some sort of problem or threat in real life that your mom is in denial about and you wish she would recognize it.)