10 Jul

Demon took my blanket

Demon took my blanket

I was sleeping and a demon suddenly pulled my blanket off me from the end of the bed. I could not see the demon but I felt its presence.
I put the blanket back on me and I had a feeling that the same thing was going to happen so I held tight to the blanket.
The demon started to pull the blanket again.
I tried to scream like a girl, but not even a sound came out of my throat. I then tried to scream like a boy and a deep yell came out of my throat. The demon then gave up.

Mum then let my whippet into my room. He jumped on my bed but was too scared to go near the end of the bed.
I then went and told mum about the whole situation and she said she will fix the problem
She went into my room with all sorts of little bottles of liquid. She spread the liquid all over my bed and some sort of mist into the air.
As soon as she finished, the presence of the demon was gone.

Me and mum were then talking to a lady about the situation. She told us to stop talking about it because thats the way demons can become attached to a certain room.


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