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Cthulhu underground

Cthulhu underground

I was on a trip with some family and friends and people I didn't know. I say 'I,' but in a lot of my dreams, I'm not me. In this, I was actually a young woman. We were in some kind of coach in a northern country. There was snow everywhere and we were driving over ice. Suddenly the ice cracked, and we fell hundreds of feet into this underground cavern. Throughout the dream I kept hearing this voice. It started as less than a whisper at first saying, 'say my name.' A lot of people died in the fall, and the remainder of us set off to try and find a way out. There were a lot of what I could only call traps in the caves, and people kept dying to them. Abandoned pieces of machinery down there would suddenly start working and go for people. It quickly became apparent we weren't alone down there. Out of some of the mineshafts were coming tentacles which were grabbing people. My and some of the people I am closer to in real life could see a way out when suddenly something comes out of the shadows and grabs them all. I was terrified. I made a run to the pipe where I could see the light of the outside world. I got in it when suddenly it collapsed and I was falling again.

But further this time. I landed in the monsters lair. I was underwater, it was green and murky and I felt so confined.

I tried to look around me, but all I saw were tentacles. That's when I realised, I wasn't looking at the monster, I was the monster. I felt trapped in this giant thing's body. It felt like I was drowning. The more I thrashed, the more it beat against the walls. I just needed to escape. I could feel myself being flung through the tunnels, up and up and up when suddenly I came to the surface and felt the biggest feeling of relief. For only a moment though. We emerged in a city by a lake. The town was in ruin. It looked like the end of the world. The voice in my head said 'look what your race has done'. I stepped out into the lake, and the voice screamed 'SAY MY NAME!' I found myself saying 'Cthulhu' and then it was like I came out of my (or at least the woman's who I was in the dream's) body. I had solid black eyes, and it looked like something was moving under my skin. I raised my hand, and suddenly a massive jet of water came streaming out. Then the dream ended.

I don't know why Cthulhu of all things would be in my dreams like this. I'm not a Lovecraft fan and have never read any of his books although I am familiar with the mythos. Maybe I will have to now.


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