10 Aug

Crows trying to get in door

Crows trying to get in door

I was in my living room; at the back are two french doors. A crow appeared at the right door flapping its wings against the window trying to get in. I went to the door and started hitting at the window saying “shoo” to the crow. It seemed to take 10/15 seconds for the crow to go away. The only sound from the crow was the flapping of the wings, he did not call out. I turned away from the door and walked back into the room.
A short time later a second crow appeared at the left door doing the same as the first. I went to the left door and did the same as before. After about 5/10 seconds the second crow left and I walked back into the room.
After some time had passed, I heard a noise at the front door and there was a horse beating at the front door, the only sound was the beating against the door. I went to the front door and started hitting my hand against the window saying “shoo” to the horse. A couple of seconds later he left. I turned to walk back into the room and the beating started again. A second horse joined the first horse in beating against the front door. Before I could get back to the door, it flew open and the horses started to enter the house. I screamed in my dream and woke up.

I never felt afraid in my dream prior the horses breaking through the door. My scream seemed more startled than frightened, but my heart was racing and I was not sure initially that I did not actually scream. I thought it would take me forever to get back to sleep. I was soundly back to sleep in no time.
Observation: We enter our home by the back right french door 90% of the time. Prior to this we used the left back door (also 90% of the time) before it was damaged and we quit using it about a year ago. We only use the front door a limited amount.


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