11 Jul

Craig Allen Parker

Craig Allen Parker

I have been having dreams of being biting by a beast and getting alot of money and sleeping with some girls and seeing them naked and some girl trying to bite me and she was a beast too what does this mean?


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    • Cpjordan45


      Posted on Jul 11, 2018

      Can somebody tell Craig Allen Parker what his dreams mean? Cpjordan45

      • Claude


        Posted on Jul 12, 2018

        Being bitten by a beast may be a form of self-punishment by way of someone you feel (on one level) that you might have either lost or hurt as I know this from personal experiences (as I do not believe in "dream interpretation" in the popular sense), only in some cases, as it may only be the way your biology chooses to wake you for the day. The rest is just obvious literalisms and personal wishes. Everyone wants money and so they dream about it.