13 May

coins and saucers

coins and saucers

I'm at a work place in a foreign country. A former colleague has sent a request to a coworker for a currency exchange. Although it's handled electronically, my former colleague is going to get a stack of gold coins. The scene shifts. Its dark and poorly lit street scene. I'm carrying glass saucers. I'm trying to be careful and have not dropped anything, but it turns out one or two are broken. I'm afraid that'll have to pay for the damage.


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  • Bobbie Ann Pimm
    Professional Reflector

    Bobbie Ann Pimm

    Posted on May 22, 2018

    Thanks for sharing your dream, Eric. If this were my dream, coins symbolize 'change'. Gold coins may symbolize a reward. Saucers symbolize something to catch 'spills' or something overflowing. I would ask myself, "How do I think something is changing in waking life? How do I think that my coworker is changing, making changes or is being rewarded? How do I think I am or will be responsible for 'catching the overflow' as a result? How will I be 'paying' for what happens?"