12 Mar

Closing a Door on the Preconscious

Closing a Door on the Preconscious

Morning of March 10, 2018. Saturday.

This is an unusual bathroom wake-up call dream. I seem to be living in a large caravan. It is somewhat like Toby’s home from year ago, although I have not seen it since the 1970s.

I become aware of my need to use the bathroom, but I become distracted. I wander around the setting until I notice that the main door is open. An unfamiliar intruder, a Caucasian male of about thirty, has come in, but I am not fully focused on him at first. Still, I am distracted from my need to use the bathroom.

I walk into one area and forcefully push the door against him and to the wall, to my left, although this will likely not hold him. I tell him to get out and he soon walks out the main door, seeming very annoyed. I soon notice another large caravan parallel to mine, adjacently longways, only about four feet away, which is apparently where this other male lives.

Soon, I notice another unfamiliar male standing outside the window, though closer to the other caravan at first. He is black and about thirty and seems much friendlier than the other male. It seems he may live in the same caravan as the other male. I apologize for my behavior, though this is atypical. The first male seems to go into his caravan and is not seen again.

From here, I want to make sure the door stays closed as well as the windows. There are jalousie windows that I need to close. The other male, who remains just outside, cheerfully helps me work out what is wrong. There is some sort of unusual cylindrical structure between one pair of jalousie panes. It is detached on one side and seems to have something to do with keeping the panes uniform and working together. I move it about for a few minutes but cannot get the window to close.

As this is a bathroom wake-up call dream, the cylindrical structure, which resembled a certain part of the male anatomy in size and shape, is fairly obvious autosymbolism. It did not function, as using the bathroom in a dream is ill-advised even though this was an autosymbolic transformation of that need. I cannot close the window on my wake-up call, because I need to connect to the emergent consciousness factor in order to wake to use the bathroom out of biological necessity. The other males here are transpersonal factors, which has occurred in similar situations since childhood, though because I denied the original RAS personification and literally chased him out, it resolves in a different way. Other than coalescence of the emergent consciousness factor (such as with dreams ending in hugging) this is more evidence that RAS modulation does not always need to be aggressive or generate conflict to trigger the waking dynamics.

Many people who write about dreams have little or no understanding of the dream state, as RAS modulation requires that its personifications are as unlike the conscious self identity as possible in order to trigger enough contrast to initiate waking identity. This inherent truth is the opposite of the ridiculous claim that all other dream characters are a part of the conscious self identity, which is so asinine, I have no words, as even the dream self (subconscious personification) is often a fictitious identity, at best (in non-lucid dreams) only a fraction of the whole conscious self identity and lacking memory of its present location in time and space.


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