7 Aug

Chased by giant wild boar

Chased by giant wild boar

I was in my room at home when this wild boar the size of a human was on the ledge and i could see it through my window. I decided to provoke it and jumped to see its reaction. It slammed against the window and when i went down, my mom saw it climb down and roared. Suddenly i was somehow in a huge mall library? And the boar was somewhere in it, and some of my classmates were with me, the only one i remember is my friend Nandana. She helped me kill the boar and we killed it together with all my other classmates. Later i went to the carpark of the library mall and waved nandana goodbye. My dad came and picked me and my sister up with a car thats not ours its toyota.


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  • Kok Mei Xuan

    Kok Mei Xuan

    Posted on Aug 7, 2018

    Ok so this is around the third time i dreamt of being chased by a wild boar, and might have something to do with a wild boar incident when i was younger