10 Jul

Chased By A Demon

Chased By A Demon

I'm grabbing food like a video game. Looting everything in this house that I could. It was a weird house, but again it was a video game. Suddenly, I'm in this smaller house with a giant pool. I run around trying to escape the demon. "Aw, poor little girl. Why're you running?" he says. I run into this bunch of people, each with a different weapon. I only remember a few. There was the young girl, who had whips covered in flames, a fat guy with short hair and ninja stars, and another girl covered with chains or something powerful. I stop for a second with a freaked face, and then hear the demon running behind me. I jump into the pool and before I hit the water, I saw the rest of the jump out to fight the demon and then I hit water. Under the water there was a maze. I just ran. I heard the demon's voice under the water with me. I ran and eventually we ran into each other. He had the largest grin on, and I had a lightly scared face on, I turned and ran and he chased.

I looked back to see, and the girl with the black magic chains or something was attacking him. I panicked more, turning a corner and then more. I panicked. "Wait, I'm breathing underwater!" I thought. Then I see someone fall into the water. The way this place felt was like Pin from Free Rein and this guy was like Pin himself. I see this guy not moving with his head on the ground and I lunged for him. The top of the water was like minecraft water when only only one spot was opened for you to get out. (There wasn't only one spot in my dream) I pulled him up onto the shore and ducked back under the water.

I landed and saw the girl attacking the demon behind me. I started to run again. It cut to the demon smiling and pushing the girl back. Then it cut back to him following me. I kept looking back to see if he was getting closer and he was. The demon started throwing ninja stars at me and I dodged the few. I stopped and picked one up, before throwing one with all my might, underwater. It was enough to hit his shoulder, but he just looked at it and pulled it out. Suddenly the fat guy appeared out of a hallway leading to us and caught the extra stars the demon was throwing. There was two on the ground, so I picked them up and tucked them into the pile. He looked at me with a "We protect you look, but thanks a lot," look, which means an unfazed one. I do a soft salute with an afraid smile and continued running. I took quite a few lefts and I ran into a bunch of my elementary school friends. I only remember two of them. One was Geraldine and the other was named Cici. I hugged G and began to panic again. Yes, they were doing everything I was underwater, but I assumed they needed air after a while. "Aw, what a shame. There's a border up above," a voice rang in my ears. I looked up and saw no room for air. I pulled them around to each corner, where only a triangle was opened, but no one could fit. I saw my brother under the water, also, and I started asking him if he had a pickaxe, I didn't bother waiting around for a response, so I turned back to my friends.

"Guys, no uh, um, you guys can't be here!" I exclaimed worrily. They looked worried, because they didn't know what was going on and they saw me like this. "(My real name), don't cry. We don't want to see you cry," Cici said in a calming voice. To regain some of my personality back, I go, "How I gonna cry when we underwater?" They looked sideways, and I looked sideways, but my dream POV couldn't see what they are looking at. Suddenly, I shoot awake, in my dream. I run around screaming at everyone, "Did you see that?" I saw my Extra Curricular teacher lying on the ground, comfy, while talking to other students, also chilling on the floor. behind them, there was lockers, so kind like a boy/girl's locker room. I saw my summer teacher walking around too. My EC teacher, goes, "Wait, did you also have that dream?" and then he playfully rolls his eyes and continues talking to the student beside him.

The way he said it, indicted that other students had come to him about it. I got happy, I wasn't the only one. I wasn't crazy. I started to walk, but then I woke up in real life. I fell back asleep in real life and my sister's there asking me if I want to play the same game I did before, in my previous dream. We sat down on stools, then it cuts to the same house I did at the beginning, but I'm in the bathroom, yelling for my sister to grab my bra. She brings me a crap bras, so I keep yelling, "BRING ME *MY* BRA," I poke my head through the door and see my brother and sis looking with fearful faces. THEN, I cut to screaming at her to loot everything she can in the same house. It's like playing seven days to die when the looting part happens. It cuts to me gliding down a steep hill, slowly and her taking a safer path. The game we're playing had split screen and I'm telling her to be careful and watch me even though I have no idea what I'm doing.

I then wake up for real and stay awake.

I was chased by a demon and multiple people I know and love (platonically) were there. What does that mean?


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  • egogo1kenobi@gmail.com


    Posted on Jul 10, 2018

    The Girl Defending You was You from the Future her name is Rydia or Lydia she is a summoner in the Game Final Fantasy IV She has a Flame Flail/Fire whip she has green hair she fell of a Pixelated Ship Into the water with Karate Master Yang she saved Him and They Found Themselves IN the Land Of The Summoners which Is LIke a Maze when I go Through it There we Meet The guardians she can Summon Asura the queen and Liviathan king of Monsters and when She grows Up shell meet The Ninja Edge ninja Prince of Eblan in the Game He is the One with The Ninja Stars hes not Short and Fat but He does Have a Short Temper and lil man Syndrome leading To a Fat Ego but he loves Rydia they are twin flames I am Ninja Edge and Cecil aka CiCi the Paladin the Holy Knight who was The dark Knight the Greatest Defender and Guardian youll ever have and Edge The Ninja The man who cares So Much about You That hed rush into Hell recklessly and relentlessly attacking things so quickly and precicisely theyll never make it to you if They DO Cecil can Take the Hits they all Miss hell Never Miss ONe the Game You were playing was split screen On nintendos DS but on gamboy advance it was pixileated much like mincraft in that version Its One Of MY faviorite stories other than Final Fantasy 7 and then 12 it is my favorite I am Cecil I fought myself at Mt Ordeals and One by Taking the Hit and Not attacking it and Now My hair is LIghter and My skin Is Glowing tan I will Protect You as edge or cecil always Find me on FB.com Eric Glass born august 15th 1982