13 Mar



Once when I was 7 I had a dream that I woke-up in the middle of the night I wanted some water so I went to the kitchen and I then found my mother reading the newspaper I called her and asked if I could have a snack, no answer so I then asked again, no answer, was she ignoring me? I had no idea the next thing I know someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn around it was a pig! With firing red eyes it was a devil pig. It pushed me, I then fell on the floor. He started dragging me. He through me in this cage and fire started caving in on me. I woke-up sweating.


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Mar 14, 2017

    HI Elli Ash. If this were my dream, that energy of fire evokes the powers of change and transformation. The dream says I'm "waking up" to some deep energy here. My "mother" doesn't come to my aid, yet this pig energy is another kind of mothering power, in many traditions and lores, a real representative of "the Goddess". Is there any way in which that boar/pig visitor might be showing me some deep shift around my own appetites and hunger and can I see some connection with any patterns in my own way of being with that piggish flavor?