18 May

Cara Mia!

Cara Mia!

This morning's dream initiates slow and passionate love making to the 1960's character Morticia Addams. Satin sheets sensualise the skin as I position my body over hers. She is receptive and calm, as she asks "What of my love for Gomez?". "But I am Gomez!" I reply. And in this moment copulation occurs.


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on May 18, 2017

    Hi Philippe Le Miere. If this were my dream, I'm joining together with the Woman of the Soul, who here appears as "Morticia"... evoking a playful yet present quality of Death and Dying. I know from dreams that the other side of the coin of death is rebirth - an energy related to love-making, no doubt. I would ask myself here, who is Morticia to me, and how is she offering me the gift of pleasure, but also what qualities about her might I also be able to own and embody in myself?

    • Philippe Le Miere

      Philippe Le Miere

      Posted on May 22, 2017

      Hi Travis. My dream is short, but efficiently packed with strong symbols. The act of sex is symbolically integrative with my opposite - the Anima or Woman of my Soul. Here she is compactly represented as a fictitious character 'Morticia Addams' - usually associated with Gothic qualities of death and dying. Who is Morticia to me? She is a single character who embodies the tension of two opposing ideas. The 1960's actress, Carolyn Jones is a physically attractive woman, playing a naive role in relation to a 'normal' conservative society. Believing her world to be the point of 'normality', the comic story plays out in each episode as a new member of conservative society enters the Addams family's world of 'strange normality'. Morticia represents weird/normal, sexy/death and naive/intelligence. How is she offering me the gift of pleasure, but also qualities I may also own and embody myself? My dream's symbolic act of sex indicates a preparedness to integrate or embody new ideas into mySelf. I believe this is reflected in my dream's final statement, "But I am Gomez!". The shift in consciousness is toward identifying with the character Gomez. Gomez is a pinstripe suit businessman, stock market trader and political influencer - the emblematic sign of a successful member of Capitalist society. Yet he is aristocratic in temperament, and perceived as 'weird' by regular folk. I believe the idea embodied in my dream, and integrated into mySelf is that of contrary thinking. Comfortable in adopting opposite ideas in relation to mainstream society, my dream ultimately expresses the courage of individuality.