14 Feb



I don't now how it really started out. All I remember was a baby doll with no legs. I was in the middle of a hotel hall I think I or someone was trying to do a demon retrial at some point but no one was around. I was holding a pear of legs and i placed them on the floor right next to the baby and I backed up the baby head turn to face me its eyes were black I blinked and I holding a small stake knife and I already stabbed the person in front of me. she dropped dead and I was thinking 'what have I done, I need to get her out of here no one must now' I look up and it look liked my house but it wasn't. I grab the blonde hair girl and dragged her down my hall way to the bath room. I was about to put her in the bath tub but then I hear a gasp behind me I got up and turned around to see a black male behind me I think he was a friend. I panic and cased his with a knife knowing I fucked up then i heard "get on ur knees!" I turn around and there was a female cop pointing a gun right in my face she was close so I told her " I can use that gun" I nocked it out of her hand and stabbed her. she was bleeding slowly but fast enough. I quickly grab the gun and run out side and I saw the male hope into a gray car I point the gun and shot it but I missed and he got away 'shit i need to get out of here' i thought. I turn around and look at the cop crawling to my feet 'I have to first finish the job' i though again i point the gun to her head and pull the trigger but nothing came out. the gun was empty so I tossed it down pulled out my knife and stabbed her over and over again she was still not dead. So i said "fuck it" and fun to the back porch and forgot i needed my slippers so i jog back to the front door the cop was still there not dead yet so I sleet her neck and did the job. I here my family come up the stairs that a good thing they were to busy talking so i grabbed my pink slippers and run to the back. I live on the top floor so I had to climb down when I was about to do so I blinked and I was in darkness once again. that's when I woke up.


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Feb 16, 2017

    Hi kittyxheart. If this were my dream, it's showing me the often appearing energies of death and cops, knives and guns - dying in dreams, as well as killing has to do with change and how I am able to participate in that psychologically. The fact that I meet this cop shows me that I am meeting my own self authority, at the very least. The way I use the knife tells me that I am being called to be "to the point" here and that somethin about my mental and thinking life is being highlighted by the dream. How am I aware of my own power at this time in my life and how could I own that more fully, especially as regards the kinds of decisions and choices I make based on my thoughts?