12 May

Bleeding Prescience

Bleeding Prescience

Morning of May 12, 2018. Saturday.

Despite the atypical nature of this dream, I still firstly took it to be the usual RAS modulation and waking alert process with little or no real life associations, but I did consider its differently perceived nature as possibly being of a literally prescient thread, as I otherwise get those all the time. I considered if something would happen to where my legs actually ended up bleeding. I should have realized that this was only one possible factor. As is often the case, it was very impersonal on most levels in how it played out.

My dream is very vivid. There is not what I would refer to as a false awakening, although there is an unusual reset of my dream. Somehow, I had apparently scratched at least one of my legs, though the blood is on both legs. I see it a lot of it soaked into the sheets as well. I tell Zsuzsanna about it but I do not seem to be in immediate danger, despite the blood loss. I have never had a dream in my lifetime of this specific nature, so I was puzzled. I know RAS modulation can take any form, but why this at this specific time.

Sure enough, I ended up looking at YouTube (without really planning on it, as the site does not work very well for me anymore, probably because I have so much of the Internet blocked from my system), seeing a video I had never heard of or seen before. One of the first scenes was a man in a bed with bleeding legs. This happens continuously, that is, my dreams having imagery or events as a precursor to what I see a bit later after waking. Still, it causes me to question why in this case, as it was related to a video I was to see and not my physical body or environment as implied by my dream.


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