30 Jun

Blade To Banish Spirits

Blade To Banish Spirits

This one takes place inside a stereotypical haunted mansion. A samurai woman with spiky blue hair and a katana is wandering through the halls and is attacked by three ghostly men in suits. She ends up thrown through a hall into a new chamber, where she encounters a demonic spirit with dominion over the lesser ones. This spirit is composed of blue flames, with dark, jagged spots representing his eyes and twisted mouth. His face is like a jack-o-lantern in that regard. Curiously enough, I know his name - Magistrate. He's holding lesser spirits in bondage in this place, trapped between life and death. He attacks the woman, flying around and throwing flames at her. She repeatedly tries to slash him, but he is intangible. Magistrate mocks her for trying to kill a ghost and makes some kind of threat I don't remember, though it may have been aimed towards one of the woman's friends. Suddenly, she becomes deadly calm and focused, and her katana starts glowing a pale blue. She slashes him across the side, and inflicts a wound. Magistrate cries out in pain that he hasn't felt in years and screams "You bitch!" in absolute rage. The woman jumps and spins in a crescent, and blue darts fly from her blade. Somehow, she's forced the katana to exist in both the physical and spiritual planes at once, so it can now cut intangible things and even concepts like dreams and relationships. The darts shred the spirit apart.


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  • Maria Carla Cernuto
    Professional Reflector

    Maria Carla Cernuto

    Posted on Jun 30, 2017

    Hi Jacob! If this were my dream I would imagine the samurai woman may symbolize an aspect of myself such as my feminine side or Jung's "Anima" archetype. I would associate Magistrate with a negative aspect of myself such as Jung's "Shadow archetype," which my feminine side may be in the process of slaying/getting rid of (transforming something negative into something positive). I would note magistrate evolves from a Latin term meaning "master," and I would think about the ways I may feel some negative relationship, habit or aspect of myself may have control over me. I would ask myself, "How do I feel ready to get control over some negative force and enter a phase (plane) of self-mastery?"