11 Mar

Becoming someone else

Becoming someone else

In my school we have a very big room. We normally dance or play in there. So in this dream I was in that room and a familiar person was explaining to me what to do. We were practicing for a ceremony. He told me to remember who will sit in every lane like in the last lane demons sat in there in the third lane angels sat in there ,on the first lane my friends sat in there. We were practicing while people were on there places waiting for us to start. I asked the teacher why should I remember all of the lanes. He told me that at the end of the room a giant tube will be placed. In that tube will be heart dpshaped boxes which I will have to open with the keys. the keys will be given by the people sat in those lanes. The boxes were chained to the walls and to open them I had to start flying. The boxes will be in otder, the first box is the demons' box etc. So I started walking twards the tube and collecting the keys. I opened every single box in order and saw a giant glowing orb on top of me. I flew fast and high to get it. When I got it everyone claped. Just like they kbew what was going on. I got out of the tube and asked that teacher or the wizard what to do next. Because I got the orb and I want to stay like that ( like a witch and maleficent at the same time, all in black with powerful wings and horns) should loose my virginity to a guy. If I do so, that guy will also become a wizard or whatever I was. I looked at the wizard or teacher and grabber the hand of a guy that looked like my crush. We went outside and I made a weird gesture with my hands. We appeared in a luxury bedroom and I lost my virginity. He became a wizzard and we flew back to the place of thr ceremony. Everyone was claping and I was really confused. In the front lane I saw my best friend and asked her what just happened. She didn't even listen or look at me. I was really scared. I made the same gesture with my hands and thougth of her answering me. Suddenly she answered me that I became a witch. Because I wanted her to be one aswell, I made her a wotch but she always acted like she was my slave. I never understoodnit but the gut I lost my virginity to became my boyfriend. please if you know what that means or why I dreamed of that tellme in the comments below. I am still really confused.


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  • Black-Rose


    Posted on Apr 2, 2017

    Wow......I am speechless.....If I had a dream like that I would be in my own world trying to figure it out.......

    • DreamsCloud Official Profile

      DreamsCloud Official Profile

      Posted on Jun 30, 2017

      Hello Julia! We noticed that there is an image missing along with your dreams. The images would help others visualize your dream and how your experience in the dream was. Adding an image would help attract more users to your dreams, as well as professional reflectors who can help you discover the meaning of your dream. We hope you keep sharing your dreams with us. Thanks!