13 May

Banana fight 🍌

Banana fight 🍌

First I have to tell you a few stuff about me, I’m in year 6 and at my school there are 3 different classes: Hawk (my class), Eagle and Falcon. Now this is where the dream begins. It was lessons time, it was a sunny, shiny day and everyone was happy. As in real life, in my dream I was in Hawk class but for some reason I had to go to Eagle class. When I finally arrived at Eagle’s class, I saw my two friends from Hawk class in Eagle class, too! One of them shouted out and begged“Miss, now that she’s here, can we play the game?” Miss nodded. Out of nowhere, everyone was holding banana peels and threw it at each other! Suddenly, I had some, too! I threw it aimlessly at random people and hit them. When I woke up, I told my friends about this. One of them thought it meant that I’m scared of bananas but I’m not so sure about that. Can someone please answer what this means?


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  • Claude


    Posted on May 13, 2018

    If this were my dream, it would be a key factor of vestibular system autosymbolism (due to the dream self not being aware of where the physical body is and how it is oriented), which otherwise implies falling (here, a vague association with slipping on a banana peel); the biological waking start sometimes experienced when rising to consciousness (though it mostly renders in this way as a form of liminal anticipation). The "I am" of the dream self is not the "I am" of waking life, unlike what most people seem to think about dreams. (In fact, if this was not true, you would automatically know what the dream meant anyway.) Dreams are primarily the key factor of returning to consciousness. They do not have to have waking life symbolism, since you are asleep at the time and thus a dream reflects these processes of being asleep and the anticipation of waking and preparing for the day. A dream "interpreter" might come up with something such as you having a desire to watch people slip up on their work, but as I never take "interpretation" of that kind seriously, it is up to you to decide for yourself.