5 Oct

Back to the tree house

Back to the tree house

SECOND DREAM- Friday, October 5

I dreamt about the same tree house, the majestic enormous one I always dream of. This time (again) I was with the guy I like (my ex, sad true story) we were dancing, laughing, playing, singing really bad but having fun like when we were kids!
A lot of people arrived and it all became a big party of young adults. There was no alcohol involved, we were naturally celebrating.
Then, bad guys came in and wanted to kick us out or hurt us, I didn’t really know their intentions. Mauricio was relaxed, still happy. He said “I need you to hide, I’ll distract them and you can escape”
I begged him not to do it but given the circumstances it was the only way. So, him and other 2 guys started to dance classical music! ... and that actually worked out.
They managed to escape into a giant slide, I followed them afterwards and we appeared to be inside a pool filled with plastic balls.


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