8 Feb

Attending a Halloween carnival/ Meeting some guy

Attending a Halloween carnival/ Meeting some guy

I was in this ginormous field with my mom and I guess three kids around my age. There was this Halloween fair or carnival of some kind that we were all at. We all walk away from a large crowd of people that were gathered at set up booths. Going across a field (This place took place at a park of some kind) I noticed that it was dark but there are orange colored lanterns guiding the way to the other events going on at this fair. As we head closer across the field, I notice for a brief moment that I am dreaming. "Oh cool, I am dreaming. I can lucid dream now." I say aloud. I continue to walk across this dark field. I can kind of see behind me around me bunch of p Silhouettes of these people also crossing this field. I could now see the other side of the fair. There was a two floor haunted house built up for you to go into. And past that was a horror themed maze you can go to by going through a brown gate. I had no interest in the maze so I end up going to the haunted house. There was no line to wait in, I go inside and it's just decorated like an old abandoned house with vintage items. I pass through the first floor. Only one man in a werewolf costume jumps up and attempts to scare me. I do not flinch and I laugh and walk away. I go up the steps to the second floor. It was a Victorian hallway with spooky and macabre paintings on the side. There was a couple already down the hall ready to turn around and finish the haunted house. I see someone's shadow pass near an open window at the end of the hallway. I wanted to follow them, so I end up climbing through the window and onto a thick ledge you can sit on. I see several of the haunted house workers sitting on this ledge for a break. Or to at least draw in more people when they see these monsters sitting on this building. I stand up from crouching and I climb onto the flat roof of the haunted house. It was pitch black, and I could not see anyone on the roof, but I could hear them. Two people, the shadow I was chasing and another random guy dressed as a werewolf. Blindly looking around, I finally bump into the mysterious figure I had been searching. "Oh sorry. Its so dark I cannot see a thing." I tell them. A males voice around my age replies back to me. "Its alright. It is pretty dark. I'm ----- what's your name?" he replies. I introduce myself properly. we continue to talk. "So, are you a medium?" I ask him. "Yeah, I talk to dead people all the time." He says shyly. My eyes lit up with excitement, I have never met anyone around my age that also has the ability to talk to the dead. I knew I was dreaming, but an outside voice in my head told me that I had pulled this guys soul from his body to be in this dream with me. You are in the astral plain when you sleep after all. We sit there and we talked for a long time We just continue to talk for a while but then I remember that I came to this place with a group, I needed to check in with them so they do not worry for me. With that I told this guy I had to go real quick, and that I would come back later. I get off from the roof and back down to the ground by jumping. I saw the group I was with walking up to the haunted house.By some lantern I walk up to them and I talked to them for a while, ensuring them that I am fine and well. The Psychic guy I was speaking to on the roof came down and walked up to me. Since I was by a lantern I could see his details. He had short black hair with nice black eyeliner on. He was wearing a long sleeved black alternative band shirt with black baggy pants that had chains on them. He had some bad ass boots as well. They where black, doc martins I think. I was able to see the rest of the group in the light as well. They all were wearing really odd outfits with Halloween colors and makeup. The guy I was talking to pulled out his smart phone to check it. I pulled out mine and asked if we could exchange numbers. He agreed and we did so somehow without having to "physically " enter in the numbers into the phone. EOD


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Feb 9, 2017

    Hi Ecca Eccalyptus. If this were my dream, it's possible that I am actually meeting with a dream traveler that is or will be of some import to me. At the same time, the symbolic elements also hold meaning for me: the wolf seems important as it/he appears twice... also I go to the haunted house and this tells me that there's some content(s) in me that are 'ghost-like' and are 'haunting' me. This holds forth with the 'shadow' I am following/chasing and this would be my personal-collective connection to the lesser-known energies in me/my life/the psyche. I would ask myself, could this male character be a form of my own masculine self and are we connecting here so that I can become more whole in some important way?

    • miesumae


      Posted on Feb 10, 2017

      Wow! I think it is cool that you have so much control and awareness in your dream. In my dreams I do have control but not in the sense that i'm 'dreaming'. In my dream I usually go to a specific place and that is how I know I can do anything like; flying, breathing under water etc. I think your dream was really neat.