14 May

Animals and Home Improvement

Animals and Home Improvement

I had a dream last night that shifted in location quite a bit. I was living in my current house, but when I went outside I was in a yard that resembled my parent's yard. I somehow adopted like a dozen (or more) different animals. I kept them in this barn like place that was attached to the house. I was trying so hard to properly care for them. I'd go out to let them outside and all that a few times a day so I could potty train the puppies and let the other animals get exercise. I ended up being overwhelmed and not being able to keep up with them all. [CONT IN COMMENTS)


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  • Shawna


    Posted on May 14, 2018

    There was this turtle thing that got a hole it's shell. You could see inside of it and it was exposed. I knew I needed to get it to a vet to get proper care, but I didn't have the resources. One of the dogs got a sore on it, too. In another part of my dream I was sleeping with this guy that I don't know, and have never met. He and this girl (his sister?) has been in several of my dreams lately. Anyway, I was being loud about it and my dad was coming upstairs where we were and I was embarrassed. Seems that my dad turned into my husband and he was there to tell me to get the room ready for the construction workers. I didn't move very fast, for some reason, and the worker showed up while I was still getting dressed, but I tried to hide it. The walls of the upstairs was being removed, and opened up. Seemed like they were going to connect to that old barn room that I had the animals in somehow. In other parts of the dream I was grocery shopping (like in every dream) but as usual couldn't quite find all I was looking for. The produce looked awful and for some reason I had to park a mile or more from the store.