15 Jul

Am I Iressponsible friend

Am I Iressponsible friend

I was in my relative's home in Makati near to the mall so I was with my cousin and her boyfriend in a shortcut to the mall.My cousin was wearing a nurses outfit while his boyfriend wearing a business suit.So we entered the mall, we have fun and then I saw my friends across the street and I say I wanna join with them and they say no because It's dangerous then I went to a barber shop then I saw my history teacher was shampooing her hair and I ask her why my friends is overprotecting me and She said to me I'm an irresponsible friend.


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  • Maria Carla Cernuto
    Professional Reflector

    Maria Carla Cernuto

    Posted on Jul 15, 2017

    Hi Kpop Once! If this were my dream I would note the connection between the words "dangerous" and "irresponsible," and I would think this may be speaking about reckless or careless behavior. The scene where my "history" teacher is having her "hair shampooed" gave the impression of "purifying my thoughts" about the "past" in general or a past relationship. I would ask myself, "How does my dream suggest its time to be more cautious? How do I feel my dream is offering me the opportunity to be a more reliable or trustworthy friend?"