15 Mar

Airplane Ride

Airplane Ride

I am looking down at my feet. I have some shoes on that are brightly colored. They have velcro on the soles of them. I step down onto the top of an airplane, there is velcro on the roof of the plane and the shoes stick on. Other people are standing on the plane and the plane's wings. They are also wearing the special velcro shoes. We are going to go for a ride standing on the plane. My legs start to feel like jelly. I try to see over the side to look at the view but I can't see past the edge. I do not know if I actually went for a ride, did the dream end before the ride began, or did I get off the plane before it took off...


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Mar 16, 2017

    HI Sandy Me. If this were my dream, it's showing my current relation to spiritual planes... The act of being attached and standing on the plane says something about my ability to make a stand for my views and higher intelligence... Since there's some doubt about whether I make the trip, I wonder if that confusion could be symbolic of my current unfolding as regards my spiritual quest?