18 May

Abductee talks

Abductee talks

I was inside an alien ship in one of the rooms. A round bubble window displayed the vast void of space stretching out for light-years. In the center of the view was earth, gingerly spinning and orbiting. An older lady suddenly stepped in. She looked to be in her late fifties. Short grey hair framed the sides of of tired face.
"Hello there" she said to me.
"Hi, are we on a ship?" I ask
"Yes, you and I are similar. Tell me about your abduction experiences"
My eyes widened with joy. I could finally talk about my experiences without? judgement.
"Well, why don't you go first. I'm more curious about you" I tell her.
"Okay... Well, when I was a young woman, I was abducted for the first time on a camping trip. I remember this beam of blue light lifting me up in the air. The rest is fuzzy. I think I have... Hybrid children now." She pauses and awaits for my response.
"That happened to me to! You know how they are with surprise experiments.... You never know what's going to happen" I laugh nervously.
"It's alright you are still young. You will do just fine" the lady smiles at me. Everything fades to grey


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on May 18, 2017

    Hi Ecca Euscalyptus. If this were my dream, the older woman is a "future" version of me, and also a kind of dream mentor. Abduction, symbolically and actually, to my mind and heart, is an experience of seizure - being overwhelmed and taken by a power greater than the personality or ego. Is it possible that the sense of space and light years here are experiential and symbolic aspects of the divine and is the dream showing me that I still have much to learn as regards how to relate with these energies - all for the ultimate purpose of helping me to become a "better person" and to learn how to be held by more expansive spiritual realties?