13 Nov

A Road Full of Graves

A Road Full of Graves

I dreamed of visiting my grandma's house by car with my old sis and old bro. On the way we entered forest and a steep road. I saw many gravestones in the middle of the road along the way, so we drove the car to the edge of the road. Then we arrived, gave some gift for grandma and i ate 2 boiled egg from her and then we go home, thru the same rute, the grave road

(my grandma pass away when i was 4-5 yo)


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    Posted on Nov 13, 2017

    That is a pretty cool dream, but explaining it wont be easy. Trees represent people that believe they know they are doing their best, but often get in the way. You cant see past them they block you're view, and they block what you need to do. This is known as unintentional lies, they don't know they are not telling the truth, they are simply going by the views of the world which is the same as a forest. My reference for this comes from a blind man in the bible, that wants to be cured of his blindness, and he is asked what he sees. Its also referenced from other books. The forest also represents the veil between heaven and earth, so is a double meaning, one for a earth view, and the other for a heavenly view, which is called a (KEY) because wherever heaven and earth come together, there is a key. Its like Jacobs ladder in the bible, him seeing people coming down a ladder into the temple, so that is a key also. Both sides working together for the salvation of mankind. A road is a structure that moves us through life, a system set into place, and is normally like a government system like the one we live in, set up for cars and work. The wages you earn from it, depends upon what you know to do, so the structure of the dream is showing you. Your grandmother most likely represents you're hole family line from the time of Adam to now, waiting for you to use the keys, and also all the gravestones. Eggs can represent life, and the creative force of life, like the world in general. Eating those eggs represents you learning to use this, or the universal laws that govern this, both in life and death. This you should consider, that if there is a God, God is with the dead, but yet he is alive and with us too. He governing both sides so his rules are only limited to what we do here. If I didn't work my hole life, and retire with a good pension and 401k, then my social security check would only be seven hundred a month, but because I did, I get paid very well, the same goes for heaven.

    • Bobbie Ann Pimm
      Professional Reflector

      Bobbie Ann Pimm

      Posted on Nov 17, 2017

      Thanks for sharing your dream, Roga. If this were my dream, graves symbolize someone or something from my past that I have 'buried' in my unconscious or forgotten. If this were my dream, I would ask myself, "What 'road' am I on in life and how have I forgotten something that was important to my grandmother or something that she once said to me that would apply to a situation in my life now?"