3 Jan

A King Kong Adventure

A King Kong Adventure

Morning of October 26, 2017. Thursday.

Parts of my dream seem to take place in a larger version of my Cubitis home (where I have not lived since 1978). The last scene however, is set in the northeast bedroom of the King Street mansion (last visited in 1990).

There is a vague association with the Indiana Jones movies, though as actual history, not cinema.

My dream has a vague plot involving a search for treasure and something about King Kong. King Kong is seen moving quickly through a forest (unknown location) and someone seems to be shooting at him without being attacked.

There is something about one treasure already having been found and additional coordinates in the form of a code of a sequence of about sixteen evenly spaced numbers. I see the numbers clearly at one point though I do not recall what they all were (except at least one “9”, a “45” and I think “14”), only that they were one to two-digit numbers in a horizontal sequence in a handmade pamphlet, on the left-side page. It seems that the sequence can be resolved as a set of at least four other locations in the world, probably latitude and longitude, though it requires going to each location by airplane and even then, it may prove to be the wrong coordinates. I consider what sort of pattern the code uses, perhaps utilizing each next number after each one given (such as the “9” actually being a “10”) and perhaps combined with the digits of another number, but I remain unsure. Another unknown male (who I never see) is the one who made the instructions (and may be the one who had found the first treasure). There is mention of him by the second male who is looking at the instructions and encoded locations, though I do not know the whole story.

After suddenly relocating to the northeast bedroom of the King Street mansion (without considering the distance from Florida to Wisconsin or how I got here), an unknown male comes near the room, though remains just outside the doorway. There is a sustained focus on a sliding door made of thick steel that comes out from the left of the doorway (from within the room’s viewpoint). This doorway is supposedly bombproof and it closes and opens a few times as a test. I consider this but the other male and I are puzzled over how this “protected room” could be feasible when all the windows are just normal windows, though my memory is distorted, as I am also thinking of a row of about four sash windows on the opposite side of the room as the door (a feature that was only relevant to the south room at the end of the hall, where Leonard S lived).

In the last moments as my dream fades, I consider, additionally by mental will to bring about the status, that the house could have a steel foundation with protective windows as well.

This dream was not very vivid considering its place in the particular timeline of the sleeping period. It does not seem to have much symbolism other than my emergent consciousness as King Kong and the common doorway waking symbolism, which is atypically sustained and not very cohesive. Even the preconscious (the unknown male who also puzzles over the steel sliding door in the last scene) is vaguely defined and atypically not dominant. On one level, it is vaguely of similar dreaming symbolism as “Another ‘Supernatural’ Adventure” of yesterday. That dream had set up potential doorway waking symbolism, but it was transmuted into an open additional scene resolving in coalescence waking symbolism (and at any rate, doorway waking symbolism is always of lesser energy than coalescence waking symbolism; that is, the physical movement in hypnopompia is less, though both are related to spontaneous involuntary abdominal muscle movement).


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