13 Sep

A Destructive Caregiver

A Destructive Caregiver

In this dream I was at this house that I don't recognize, but was living there in the dream.

There was a lot of construction going on within the house, rooms being renovated, added onto, ect...

There was this guy that was coming over to provide care for my disabled son, but he was shifty. I didn't care for him. (Will explain more about the character that played the man at the end.) Seemed like everyone else thought he was fine, so I was kinda stuck. After a couple days of this guy hanging around, and doing nothing, but eating my food, and making a mess and looking menacing I was feeling really concerned. He began messing up some of the construction work that was going on by throwing paint around, and clogging new plumbing. He was destroying things. I felt physically threatened by him, but unable to get away quickly enough with my son to be safe until my husband got home, so I was waiting for him. I think I woke up before I was able to get out.

*The man in the dream that played the menacing character reminded me of a guy that I met at a party yrs ago whom I was thinking about the other day. The guy tried to harm me, but was caught by others and thrown out before anything happened.


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