1 Feb

A dance with the devil.

A dance with the devil.

I have multiple dreams that reoccur every now and then. This one would feel the most realistic. It will always start off with me in a empty house, the only light would be coming from the windows. I would hear a knock on the door, but as soon as I start walking to the door, the person on the other side starts to get impatient and knocks fast. When I get to the door, I look threw the (door hole?), and would be met by a blue eye. He would take a step back, revealing a man in a black tuxedo, blonde hair, blue eyes. I was immediately attracted to the man. I open the door thinking he maybe a salesmen. He greets me with a smile and say hello with my name. I would be taken a back by how he knew my name, obviously I never met this man. However I was so hypnotized by him I didn't question it. Then the scenery change. I was in his car while he drove, everything around us was black. I would look at him and admire him, but his eyes and smile had change to mischief. I always click out of my admiration of him at this time. Sensing danger. I can feel the car go fast, flashes of different color lights will pass us. His mouth would start to move but I could never hear or make what he got to say. Then all of the sudden we would be standing, facing each other, in a black background. He would start to try dance with no emotion to him. I would reject his motion. As soon as I think he may be the devil, he would smile a sinister smile. At that moment I would wake up.


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Feb 2, 2017

    Hi Olie92. If this were my dream, it is showing me being in contact with the "troubling" side of my own unrealized being... he's attractive and sinister - all-at-once, which tells me that he is appearing, this man, to put me in relationship with "wholeness". The way he is unemotional when dancing - apart from tnhat sinister smile - tells me that he is my "opposite", he's unemotive, and I suspect he's my thinking side or self. When I 'reject' him, he becomes sinister. This is his way of showing me that if I can dance with him, embrace and wrestle with who he is, rather than reject or push him away, I trust he will cease to be "sinister" and will actually be of great help to me. Is it possible that this figure is a side of me that I am being shown how to relate with so that my usual less-rounded tendencies might be brought to light and I might become more of all of who I am and can be?

    • Jane Randall

      Jane Randall

      Posted on Feb 11, 2017

      seems as though in life you know deep down something or someone is not the right choice and your inner self is trying to warn you to avoid the situation or person