7 Jan

Ridiculous Dream

Ridiculous Dream

I dreamed that i was sneaking into a strangers house and the stranger found me and i worked for her then a giant creature came out of the ground and took her then i saved her and we both were falling from the sky then we we're both transferred to prehistoric times.


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  • Courtneypink


    Posted on Jan 8, 2017

    Maybe you are having a dream about wanting to help someone. Maybe your personality is always wanting to help strangers. I used to have a lot of religious dreams at a period of my life. Maybe this is your way of your mind telling you to save someone from the evil that's dragging them down. And you two can go forth in a great spiritual journey of happiness before that evil started. Hence the "prehistoric times"

    • Suzanne Bergmann
      Professional Reflector

      Suzanne Bergmann

      Posted on Jan 8, 2017

      Hi Mirza Cross! If this were my dream, the stranger would symbolize either a part of self that is unfamiliar/unconscious to me or a new/unknown aspect of my life. I would associate falling from the sky with serenity or giving up control. The giant creature would symbolize the Id, shadow aspect of self, or something I needed to confront in order to overcome. I would ask myself, "how does traveling to prehistoric times show me I am either retreating to the past or need to learn from the past in some way?" and "what power dynamics can I find in my dream that could relate to my waking life?"

      • Runa Rha

        Runa Rha

        Posted on Jan 9, 2017

        Hello there, where I live meeting a stranger in your dreams means you'll have some good luck and saving someone's life means you're selfish.