28 Dec

My dad turned into a spider and I killed him

My dad turned into a spider and I killed him

Well first we were moving to Italy and I went back into the house to get some bags and while I was doing that my dream went to my dad's perspective where the wind blew and out of nowhere he turned into a spider. Then it went back to my perspective and I saw my ex boyfriend out of the corner of my eye in the house and I followed him in my house, went up to him, and tapped him on the shoulder and the person who turned around was not him. It was a different face and he asked if I needed anything. I left then and went to the car with my bags and I just saw this spider on top of the car. Since I seen my dad's perspective I knew he was the spider and he ran over to me and started to crawl up my pant leg and I smashed him, I killed him, and I knew it was my father but I just had to get the repulsive thing off because a spider is a spider. Then I started sobbing inconsolably and I woke up and started immediately sobbing. (and because this is the internet I have to say to not interpret this as a sexual abuse or molestation story. My father and I have a very good and healthy relationship.)


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  • Christina Hubbard
    Professional Reflector

    Christina Hubbard

    Posted on Dec 29, 2016

    Hi Reid, thank you for sharing your dream. If this were my dream, getting my bags to go to Italy would signal the way that I am preparing myself for an adventure, a new environment, or a “foreign” (unfamiliar) experience. I would notice that the people in my dream are not representing themselves as who they really are, and I would think that they symbolize parts of myself (that identify with some of their characteristics) that are changing. Considering my visceral reaction, I would think that my dad turning into a spider represents the scariness, uncertainty, or feelings of dread that can come from change, and that when I kill him, I’m killing off those negative aspects so that I can move forward (car). I would ask myself, “How is my perspective changing lately, and what transitions do I anticipate for myself in the near future?"

    • Reid


      Posted on Dec 29, 2016

      Wow, this actually makes a lot of sense because this is my senior year of high school and college is next year.

      • AJ Oneironaut

        AJ Oneironaut

        Posted on Jan 1, 2017

        Wow. That really sucks man. Dreaming about killing someone you love is hard. I've been there before. Maybe I'll write that dream some time. just take comfort in the fact that (you may already know this but it's still good to hear it) this dream does NOT mean you secretly want to kill your dad deep down. Your dad represents a part of you and the spider represents that you fear that part of you or that it's bad. You killing it is good, even though it feels traumatic. It means you becoming whole.

          • shelease


            Posted on Jan 2, 2017

            spiders have several eyes. which could be interpreted into your fathers wisdom and concern for you. perhaps you smashed your father because you have your own set of thinking, and are determined to figure things out for yourself. Also it's hard for us kids to listen to our parents own advice. The guy which you thought was your ex, could represent the relationship you have now, or perhaps a future relationship who has the same characteristics as your last boyfriend. the trip to Italy may resemble you going off on your own. Exploring your inner self. Finding out what YOU want. I trust that you have a great relationship with your dad. However, i believe you were upset because you fear you will disappoint him. You will always be his child, but you are now your own person. Part of being a parent is raising their children and then preparing them so one day they can fly the coop.