7 Jan

Karate "injury" in front of crush

Karate "injury" in front of crush

A few days ago I had this weird dream. I was in a karate class with a few of my high school peers, but I don't even take karate. My crush (he's not single so I can't have him but still like him) was in the class and we were all doing kicks and drills. All of a sudden I was I guess faking a knee injury (cramp) and fell to the ground. I sounded like I was in pain but I felt nothing. My teacher asked if I was okay and let me rest in the corner of the room. I spent a couple of minutes watching my crush do a fantastic kick and chop a few boards. Soon I said I was okay and tried to impress him in drills, but my knee "hurt" again and in the end I just left the studio. Wtf does this mean?


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  • Bobbie Ann Pimm
    Professional Reflector

    Bobbie Ann Pimm

    Posted on Jan 8, 2017

    Hi dreamer0512. If this were my dream, karate is a form of self-defense and so I would ask myself, "How am I feeling a need to defend myself?" Faking an injury suggests being afraid to face someone or something. "Am I afraid to defend myself? If so, why?" My crush is representing an aspect of myself that is not fearful and can defend myself.