6 Jan

Jeffrey Dahmer-Serial Killer

Jeffrey Dahmer-Serial Killer

So I woke up in a really big mansion with 2 other girls, after a couple of minutes we decided to explore the mansion when we entered a room who at first seemed like no one was there until we noticed Jeffrey Dahmer. The 2 other girls were frightened of him because of what he did as a serial killer but I wasn´t that afraid of him.
He was very friendly and brought us to a big room with 3 beds were we would sleep on and he told us that we had to stay in that room and we were allowed to go out when he said so and if we tried to go out without him saying so, he would kill us.
So hours passed with us sitting and talking on the bed when we saw Jeffrey coming in with 4 cups of some drink, he put down the tray and one of the girls stood up and approached him..he bashed her head with a metal bar.
Me and the other girl ran for our lives and I assume that the other girl was dead while I ran through the mansion it felt like I was running in circles until I saw the front door but there he was holding the metal bar but he just stood there and looked at me with sadness in his eyes and then he trowed the bar but missed me, there was a knife laying next to me so I grabbed it and stabbed him in the back..he didn´t even flinch and no signs of blood was shown. He turned around and just cried and smiled at me.
Then I woke up from this dream.


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  • Suzanne Bergmann
    Professional Reflector

    Suzanne Bergmann

    Posted on Jan 7, 2017

    Hi Halkantix! If this were my dream, the mansion would represent myself and the large expanse of who I am that remains unconscious to me. I would view each character in the dream, including Jeffrey Dahmer, as symbolizing a different aspect of self. I would consider him to represent my shadow aspect of self. I would ask myself, "how have I struggled to find acceptance for my shadow aspect of self and how have my feelings moved from fear of the unknown to recognition of sadness and sorrow?" and "how does my dream reflect my difficulty accepting and expressing all aspects of self without losing others?"

    • Angel Morgan
      Professional Reflector

      Angel Morgan

      Posted on Jan 8, 2017

      Hi Maaders, In my experience, sometimes people dream about serial killers 'killing off' negative associations, bad habits, or outgrown aspects of their life for them, because they do not identify as a 'killer' in waking life (thankfully!) and their dream mind needs to imagine someone else doing the dirty work so to speak. If this were my dream, I would think my dream mind cast the serial killer (JD) in the 'role' of taking care of some necessary inner transformation (death/rebirth) for me in my life, to make room for something positive to take its place and help me grow as a person. I would put some thought into who the two 'other girls' are in my dream and what they represent to me in my life, such as fear (frightened of him). I would ask myself, "How does my image of JD in this dream actually behave as my ally ('killing off' a fearful feminine part of me)?" and "How can I transform 'her' negative (fearful) energy into a positive?" (loving, brave...)

      • ClareVoyant


        Posted on Feb 10, 2017

        Kind of tangential to this very interesting dream, I once met serial killer Joel Rifkin, the one immortalized on Seinfeld. He had already been convicted of killing several prostitutes - he killed 8 or 10 total as far as is known I think - and one of the victims washed up on the shore of the county I worked in, so he was in my regular courtroom waiting to appear before the judge. Because he was shackled and not about to fight most likely, he was in the front row of the courtroom and I was behind the rail and at my desk. There were lots of obstacles between us and if he moved I just had to go in back and call for probably a dozen officers. So I was working and he was just looking at me. He had literally nothing else to do. And his eyes really WERE dead looking and after a while I got too creeped out and just went in back till court started. As for your dream, I think it shows you are a survivor.