3 Jan

Beach Assassin

Beach Assassin

Montage sequence of children playing on the beach. In each repeated sequence, a suspicious looking character aims a sniper like riffle at a group playing by the water's edge. Before anything happens, the parents step in to protect a child. The parents would look around, seemingly unaware of the sniper, but hold the child close, intuitively suspicious of a potential threat. This sequence of events repeats, with various minor changes. Watching the dream's events created feelings of fear and suspense.


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  • Christina Hubbard
    Professional Reflector

    Christina Hubbard

    Posted on Jan 4, 2017

    Hi Philippe, thank you for sharing your dream. If this were my dream, I would view beaches as borders between my conscious (land) and unconscious (water) mind, and think that there is an unconscious message that I am trying to understand about myself. I would see the children as undeveloped aspects of myself that I see as “pure” and “playful” (unconcerned by adult issues) and want to protect. I would think that their parents are symbols of my own greater, more developed senses—intelligence, experience, wisdom—that are there to help me to grow. I would ask myself, “How have I been feeling vulnerable lately, and what steps have I taken towards self-protection and self-preservation?”

    • Apryl


      Posted on Jan 5, 2017

      Is this a reoccurring dream? I think if it is there might be something you need to find in you.

      • Philippe Le Miere

        Philippe Le Miere

        Posted on Jan 5, 2017

        This was the first instance any 'assassin dream'. The recurrence actually happened within the dream - an unusual phenomenon. Dream recurrence has the function for the individual of repeating a lesson from the unconscious (think Ground Hog Day). So a recurring scene, within a single dream would suggest a speeding up of unconscious message reinforcement. The source of inspiration for this dream, I would suggest, is the film titled 'The Tall Target'. I watched this film recently about the journey of Abraham Lincoln to his inauguration in Baltimore. A particular scene, before the climax, most resonated with me. Where the revealed assassin of Lincoln tries to explain his moral position. He believed he was not killing a man, but rather killing an ideology. That the sacrifice of one man (Abraham Lincoln) in preservation of the Southern way of life (founded on slavery) was justified. I believe a similar play of symbols has occurred in this dream. A child, representing Innocence, is the opposite of Adult ideology. Free of political beliefs and responsibility. The Parent, on the other, full of social conditioning, must protect the child. There is a part of my unconscious (the Id) playing out a 'wish fulfillment' of assassinating the SuperEgo. To rid myself of outmoded ideologies that have tied down my way of thinking. But, most importantly, by killing off my old ways of thinking, I must still protect the new, not yet fully developed ideals. This is why I believe the dream only played out the suspense of the drama, with no conclusion. This was the 'dream's lesson' - to protect the innocent.