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4/19/17 Sneeking onto a construction site

4/19/17 Sneeking onto a construction site

In the middle of an afternoon, I snuck into a construction sight building a house. I enter, only to see that there was a small shorter wall of bamboo inside the unfinished house. Getting on the dirt ground, I crawled on the other side of the bamboo sticking out from the ground. Through the cracks between the green bamboo, I saw a pair of muddy black boots step into view. The person wearing the boots shouted at me. "Who are you? Come out of there!". He yells at another direction in another language. I looked up a bit to see him gesture at some people to come over. He sent out two other guys to get me off of the property. I dashed past them and down a set of stairs. I ran down into the basement, it was almost completely built. One of the other workers had followed me inside the bathroom, but I knew I could trust him. So with that I let him follow me. He was tall, slender and all grey. He had bags under his eyes as if he had been working for so long. We run into a bathroom and lock the door. He uses his body weight against the door to hold the others back from breaking down the door.
"Please get me out of here, I hate this job, I'm sick of it" he begs me.
I spot a window and began to open it. "Here, we are both small enough to slide through this basement window, let's go."
I quickly jump up and lift myself to the window as the grey guy watched. I managed to slip through. I turn around to help pull the grey guy through the window. We were on a blind side of the house that the workers were not around. Suddenly, the grey guy kisses me on the lips, also managing to slip his tongue in my mouth. I stood in shock, pulling him away from me. I was disgusted and perplexed at the same time. That was unexpected... We run off and away from the house construction sight. We make it to the shrub and forested area. EOD


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  • Maria Carla Cernuto
    Professional Reflector

    Maria Carla Cernuto

    Posted on Apr 21, 2017

    Greetings Ecca! If this were my dream I would associate the construction site with my personal development or building towards some goal I may wish to manifest in the outer world. Alternately, I would think construction dreams may reflect feeling its time to rebuild some part of my life or it may denote a period of self-improvement. I would consider the grey haired man may represent my masculine side: protective, strong, loyal and/or my ability to act creatively/succeed in the world. I would ask myself, "What task, responsibility or aspect of my job do I hate doing? How may I feel ready to pursue a different career or job? How would embracing my masculine qualities change may perspective (blindside) on some project or goal?"