18 Oct

10/18/2018 dream/nightmare

10/18/2018 dream/nightmare

last night i dreamed i was walking through the local mall with a friend of mine ,we will call her "Nanami".(not sharing her real name on-line). i'm listening to her usual crazy obsession about past lives,astrology,being a "crystal child" and other new age silliness(i listen to her even though i think it is ridiculous because she is willing to listen to my opinions on politics no matter how problematic she finds them). then some people who neither of us know start to harass me because of my MAGA hat,and "Nanami" tries to reason with them(she is a SJW leftist) telling them it is ableist oppression to bully me(me and her are both on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum formally know as aspergers syndrome and share one obsession movies. i have over a thousand dvds ,334 sci-fi dvds alone,213 western animation,278 anime and decent variety in every genre and "Nanami" has a least as many as me ,mostly chick flicks ),but they don't listen and one of them grabs my hat and runs off with it,and i chase after him while "Nanami" keeps the others busy. i finally catch him and get my hat back,then after saying goodbye to my friend i go home. i start to take a relaxing bath then another stranger i have never seen before(not one from eariler) walks in the room and he climbed into the tub with me,i screamed and woke up panicked . i though jump scares were only in nightmares,this came out of nowhere. it was very disturbing.

Note::in case you are wondering about the name Nanami it is a fictional character from the anime "Revolutionary Girl Utena" that happens to be blond like my friend,have the same hair length as her and the same general body shape. it is just a shorthand for visual appearance. don't read anything else into it.

Note#2 :also if you want to know about my friends religious views this is her favorite youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSpiritScience/videos (try not to cringe)


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  • Peter Folmer Sørensen

    Peter Folmer Sørensen

    Posted on Dec 13, 2018

    You mix dream and life in your text, and it is linked. In the dream here there are an "invasion". People who step over the line.

    • nekogal


      Posted on Dec 13, 2018

      that last part certainly felt like a invasion . "People who step over the line" i think i know what this dream is about know. thanks.