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Suzanne Bergmann

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Suzanne Bergmann


Location: New York

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Suzanne Bergmann is a licensed social worker, Reiki practitioner, and mother with a passion for dreamwork and dream revision therapy.  Suzanne has studied dreams since 1999 and has gained the most knowledge and insight about dreams from intensely journaling and reflecting about her dreams over a 2 year period. She has written articles about dreams and dream interpretation and has provided dream interpretations more formally to the public since 2009. Suzanne has a strong interest in how culture, health, belief systems and life stages affect the overall dream experience and personal meaning of dreams. Suzanne enjoys exploring the meaning of symbols within the context of each individual’s unique life and views dreamwork as having a practical function in greatly improving lives, overcoming obstacles, solving complex problems, and gaining self-awareness and greater insights into self, relationships and aspects of self.

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My Roots

30 Jul 2016
10 1633

I find myself in a dark, warm place. I am moving around very large roots and they feel like tunnels. I am deep within the Earth. I take on a world ...


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