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Location: Belgium

URL DreamsCloud: https://www.dreamscloud.com/en/dreamers/hanne-2


I had a difficult childhood and i always had a very troublesome health. The last three years i've spent in and out of surgery and in my couch and wheelchair. I've suffered plenty. I have a stable relationship. We've been together for ten years, we live together and have a dog. He has a job where is off at sea a lot of the time.

Dreams Shared

What time is it?

19 Feb 2018
2 119

extra info: In real life my parents ar visiting the day after my dream at about 11am, is also have an appointment at 10am and 12am. I dreamed that ...


27 Aug 2017
2 293

I dreamed is was playing a game and one mission was to hit a target with a rocket. I missed the target a couple of times and hit other thing such as b...

Weard vet at a festival

6 Jul 2017
1 194

I dreamed is was at a festival called 'laundry day' with my dog. She was off lead and I allways seemed to keep losing her in the crowd and i yelled an...

At the Fair

29 Jun 2017
1 216

I was at a fair waiting for my mom, meanwhile i found my favorite attraction (a game) and met my mom there. I explained her how the worked: you have t...

My boyfriend failed a test

7 May 2017
1 131

I dreamt my boyfriend failed a test he was preparing for. He has been procrastinating studying.

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