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Eian Adams


Location: Detroit , Michigan ,

URL DreamsCloud: https://www.dreamscloud.com/en/dreamers/eianadams


Out of all the dreams I had in my life, almost all of them are the wildest dreams I had. Some involving certain video games, tv shows, or they are just completely random. But I enjoy sharing my dreams considering I am capable of remembering my dreams chronologically

Dreams Shared

Fighting At School

8 Oct 2018
0 41

This dream takes place at some kind of school that I don’t know the name of. It all happened it the lunchroom. I was eating my food The I accidentally...

Enjoying The View

8 Jul 2018
1 83

This dream takes place on the road, I was on top of my car and somehow it was driving on its own but I didn’t mind it. I guess the car was driving its...

Discovered a hidden area

14 May 2018
3 233

In my dream life, this took place in my house. I was cleaning up my basement when I noticed an attic door, that’s strange, in my waking life I don’t h...

Wandering outside

9 May 2018
2 131

This takes place where I was wandering outside my house, wandering in my neighborhood. In my dream life, it was during the morning. The strange thing ...

Trouble In The Backyard 4 (con’t)

7 Jan 2018
1 199

[This is part 4 of my dream, feel free to read the other parts if you want] I knew it got in, I heard the glass fall and everything. At that point my ...

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