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Allow me to introduce myself, I am Ecca Lunar Eccalyptus. No, of course, its not my realm name, but It was a name my soul has kept for the time I have existed in this fine universe. (Not just this life, multiple lives). Anyways, I am your average Alien trapped in a human body. I have very long and vivid dreams quite often. I take a high interest in dreams because the meanings behind them are very fascinating. I write down any dreams I remember as soon as I possibly can. I experience a lot of spiritual activity (Humans call people like me a "Medium". But I am a real one unlike som others). I work with spirit guides, channel things allot. But I am also a person who needs to tackle what exactly keeps bothering me. I see the problem in countless amounts of dreams that I have been in. I have many nightmares. I used to be able to leave my body in my sleep and have vivid nightly astral projections with no horror or fear. I feel like my dreams are showing me something that I cannot see just yet. That's why I am on this website, to figure what it is that I cannot see. To finally get over it, and, to figure out my dreams.

Dreams Shared

Children of the Corn - running from wanting to die

27 Aug 2017
2 600

In a car from the 1950’s, me, and a butler, was being driven up deep within the mountains by some random African man. After some time of turning aroun...

Masculine Energy takeover. Shapeshifting Nun,Finding Balance with Buddhist Monks

24 Aug 2017
0 502

A Victorian stone castle stood erect of the face of a mountain. I climbed up a hill and to the front door of this castle. It was beautiful, but it loo...

Glass dome ship

14 Aug 2017
0 237

I was in this empty glass dome room on some part of a space ship. The floor was grey, and made of some kind of metal. These three humanoid beings walk...

Sunflowers, Levitation, and Hybrid Aliens

8 Aug 2017
1 567

I ended up in the back yard of my house. I was lucid dreaming, so I was wandering about for a while. All of the sudden, my teeth began fall out one by...

Astral projecting in my house

2 Aug 2017
1 239

I "awoke" from a nightmare of being trapped in an abandoned house with some kids. We were being haunted by this old baby doll, that I threw far far aw...

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