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Allow me to introduce myself, I am Ecca Lunar Eccalyptus. No, of course, its not my realm name, but It was a name my soul has kept for the time I have existed in this fine universe. (Not just this life, multiple lives). Anyways, I am your average Alien trapped in a human body. I have very long and vivid dreams quite often. I take a high interest in dreams because the meanings behind them are very fascinating. I write down any dreams I remember as soon as I possibly can. I experience a lot of spiritual activity (Humans call people like me a "Medium". But I am a real one unlike som others). I work with spirit guides, channel things allot. But I am also a person who needs to tackle what exactly keeps bothering me. I see the problem in countless amounts of dreams that I have been in. I have many nightmares. I used to be able to leave my body in my sleep and have vivid nightly astral projections with no horror or fear. I feel like my dreams are showing me something that I cannot see just yet. That's why I am on this website, to figure what it is that I cannot see. To finally get over it, and, to figure out my dreams.

Dreams Shared

Luring a Woman with my Music

21 Feb 2017
1 0 9

I was in Central Park, New York City. There were many kids playing on a nearby playground. For a while I simply observed them. I could feel heavy wing...

The Mystery of The Drowned Entity

20 Feb 2017
2 0 15

There was a small town that was nestled up against the side of a mountain. The town was so small that only a few houses resided scattered about. I ent...

Talking about parallel universes with A parallel version of myself

12 Feb 2017
1 1 69

I was placed in a glass dome that looked like a colorful bubble. When the light hit it just right, you can see a fine combination of rainbow swirling...

In the hallway of my subconscious mind?

10 Feb 2017
1 0 29

The Dream Begins in a grey and white hallway. The walls are white and the floor is checkered black and grey. I stand at the end of this hallway with...

Attending a Halloween carnival/ Meeting some guy

8 Feb 2017
3 5 170

I was in this ginormous field with my mom and I guess three kids around my age. There was this Halloween fair or carnival of some kind that we were a...

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