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Daniel Meyers

I wanna build a park slide with two vending machines beside it.

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Daniel Meyers


Location: Springfield , Oregon , United States

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I was literally raised by cats😺. I live in a dysfunctional family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦that loves to argue and put people down.

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Unfinished Terraria hospital

9 Dec 2018
1 29

I was playing Terraria🌳 with my cousin Shay in the party. I built a nice park🏞with a nice landscaped hill⛰the in the background. Seamed Gold eventua...

☢Nuketown zombies update🧟‍♂️

8 Dec 2018
0 52

I had a dream they updated Black Ops II Nuketown zombies with ☀/🌙 cycles and a bunch of weapons. I started off playing with some old friends. I had a...

Creepy camping dream

21 Nov 2018
1 77

I was 12 in the dream. I was out camping with my family and some friends. The place was haunted and kind of looked like Slender Forest from Pixel gun....

Pointless out of body roaming

18 Nov 2018
1 44

I never thought dreams could be pointless until this morning. I was a👻ghost/spectator👀being floated around neighborhoods right behind the location o...

Roaming around a Neighborhood while waiting for my friend

15 Nov 2018
1 43

The dream was normal. I went to Devon's house🏠. He was still at school🏤so I just walked around a nice neighborhood they happened to live in that loo...

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