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Lily Dreadful


Location: Atlanta , Georgia

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I'm just a girl, obsessed with fairytales & dreams.

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Dream Fragments

26 Aug 2018
0 64

Last night I had several dreams back to back. I don't really remember the sequence in which they occurred, but the more vivid ones stick out. In one o...

Annihilation by Fire

23 Aug 2018
0 34

I had a dream that everything around me was engorged in these horrible flames. At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. My husband & I had just p...

Brick Tunnel

20 Aug 2018
1 56

Yesterday I had a dream that I was back at my old elementary school. I was standing in the gym with an old friend of mine. I can't remember why we wer...

Making Amends

19 Aug 2018
0 47

A few days ago I had a very upsetting dream. Something horrible occurred in my marriage. What exactly, I'm not sure. The spat was damaging enough that...

The Deep End

22 Jul 2018
0 101

A week ago I had a dream about a very large body of water. I believe it was a massive river. The water was very dark & it had a extremely powerful cur...

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