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We were ripped off

2 Jan 2017
1 3 145

I dreamt me and my boyfriend had a big jar full of money worth about 6700€. We were at a restaurant with family so i askes the waiter to put the jar s...

They vaccinated my dog behind my back

19 Dec 2016
1 1 61

I dreamt that my mother in law and my aunt took care of my dog while i was away and that they had vaccinated her in the mean time, while i clearly sta...

At the grocery-store

29 Nov 2016
1 1 56

I dreamt my boyfriend just went off to work again for 6 weeks (he is a seaman) and i didn't have food for the week to come. I went to the grocery-stor...

Emberrassing family dinner

24 Nov 2016
1 0 28

I dreamt i was in a very fancy hotel where my parents were staying, bathing and then putting on a fancy dress to go out to dinner with my parents and ...

My dog on the roof

22 Nov 2016
1 0 30

I dreamt i was in a classroom (i haven't seen it before) and i looked outside and saw a dog jump off the roof of the building i was sitting in. I said...


Marilyn Stiltner
Marilyn Stiltner