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What does the weather in a dream mean?

What does the weather in a dream mean?

Dreaming with weather
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What do dreams about weather mean?

The weather in a dream is often indicative of the overall emotional tone of the dream. What aspect of your waking life most closely matches this emotion?
  • Dreaming of Sunshine

    Sunny skies in a dream may symbolize general happiness.
  • May represent hope and peace of mind.
  • Dreaming of Rain

    Rain and/or stormy skies in a dream may suggest depression or sadness. When trying to determine your Rain dream meaning consider the following:
  • • How do you feel about the rain? Standing, walking or dancing in the rain may feel cleansing and joyful or it may just leave you feeling cold and “all wet” or wrong.
  • • Are you outside in the rain or watching it from inside? Being out in the rain may suggest that you are processing your emotions. Dreaming about rain falling as you watch it from inside may suggest you are not allowing yourself to fully feel your emotions; or you may be seeing a difficult time coming ahead.
  • • Is it pouring or drizzling? Dreaming of a raging storm with heavy winds and heavy rains may represent repressed anger or rage being released; or turmoil or conflict in your waking life. A light ran, drizzle or shower may suggest a negative mood or situation is quickly passing or is not too emotionally disturbing.
  • • Is there thunder and lightning? Dreaming of thunder may be bringing your attention to something – are you listening – do you hear that? Dreaming of lightening may represent enlightenment, insight, or an illumination of something; or it may represent something that you find shocking.
  • Dreaming of an Umbrella

    May suggest that you have the resources you need to protect yourself from a negative situation or your emotions are under your control. Are you using the umbrella?
  • Carrying an umbrella when it is not raining may symbolize being prepared for a worse-case scenario or it may symbolize being pessimistic about a situation.
  • Dreaming of a Rainbow

    May imply hope and the end to bad times.
  • A dream about a Rainbow may also represent wishful thinking -- you may be looking or hoping for the pot of gold at the other end of the Rainbow.
  • Dreaming of a Tornado or Whirlwind

    May be a metaphor for a destructive relationship.
  • May suggest that you are on a destructive path or you may be exhibiting destructive habits or behavior.
  • May symbolize extreme emotional outbursts.
  • May suggest feeling overwhelmed or afraid of losing control.
  • Dreaming of a Tsunami/Tidal Wave or a Hurricane

    May symbolize a turbulent or overwhelming emotional situation in waking life.
  • May suggest being overwhelmed by your emotions or you may be afraid of being swept away by your emotions, especially sadness or depression.
  • May represent strong negative emotions are being processed and released.
  • A dream about Snow or a Blizzard

    May represent emotions which you have repressed or “put on ice.”
  • May symbolize being “left out in the cold”, forgotten, stranded, or abandoned.
  • May represent being sexually inhibited or frigid.
  • Dreaming of Wind

    May represent your "chi" or life force.
  • May represent troubles or turmoil.
  • Dreams of Hail

    May represent the stresses and pressures of life hailing down on you.
  • May represent someone or something that is trying to get your attention or “hail” you.
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  • Outlawood23


    Posted on Mar 13, 2018

    Dark sticky cloud or fog I'm running down hill away rom cloud not fast enough the cloud sticks to me like super glue I try pull away rips my skin off


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    tidal wave





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