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What does it mean to dream about School?

What does it mean to dream about School?

Dreaming with school
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What do dreams about school mean?

Dreams about school are among the most common dream themes. If you are taking or trying to take a test in school also see the meaning of Exam dreams, which is another common dream theme.
  • You go back to school for other reasons besides taking a test, usually there is a lesson that you learned back then that you may need to remember; or you are learning something in the dream; or the there is an opportunity to learn something in life that the dream is bringing to your attention.
  • Being in school may be bringing you back to a childhood memory that needs to be addressed. The grade you are in may indicate the time of life the dream is set in or the level of maturity you are at in the dream (for instance, you may be acting like you are in junior high school); or something in your waking life is reminding you of someone or something from your past when you were in school.
  • Types of Schools in dreams

    An elementary or primary school dream may be indicating something is “elementary” – simple or fundamental, which you may be making or perceiving as more difficult then it is.
  • A dream about high school may be coming from your Higher Self or the lesson being learned may be of high importance.
  • Being in College may be a reference to your college days or a relationship from that period; may represent a lesson to be learned; or it may suggest you are experimenting or trying something new, as college students often do.
  • Being in a class may represent a learning experience or it may be a metaphor for classifying or rating someone or something; or it may suggest that you need more class or you need to behave better.
  • Meanings of Student and Teacher in a Dream

    A student may represent an aspect of yourself. You are learning something in the dream, or you have an opportunity to learn something new in waking life, which you may not be taking advantage of.
  • A teacher may represent an aspect of yourself that teaches others or is teaching yourself something, either in the dream or in waking life; or it may represent your "higher self", spirit or a guide.
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  • Yatharth Vashisht

    Yatharth Vashisht

    Posted on May 12, 2017

    had a dream about a girl from my school days out of the blue she was in a black dress every one from my class was there the projector was playing a movie and every one was talking to each other and I was close to the screen away from them all seated on a chair on the right side of the room and in she came and just sat and leaned backwards on me and she was sad about something can't remember what. A while later we got up and started walking outside & that was it.


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