What does a Ring mean in a dream?

What does a Ring mean in a dream?

Dreaming with ring

What do dreams about ring mean?

Rings in dreams may symbolize completeness, continuity, unity and infinity; may represent the commitments and promises you have made to someone; may symbolize your commitment to a relationship or to a new endeavor.
  • Other Ring Dream Interpretations

    A ring may also represent the person who gave it to you; or the place where you purchased or received it.
  • Engagement/Wedding Ring meaning

    An engagement ring may represent a promise you have made or that has been made to you, but have not yet been fulfilled.
  • A wedding ring may represent a vow or promise that you made; may represent your spouse; may represent your commitment to your marriage.
  • If it is not on your finger, your relationship with the one who gave it you may have been severed or may be in danger of ending; you may be questioning the relationship itself.
  • Losing a Ring meaning

    A lost ring may represent insecurity and fear about a relationship.
  • May suggest losing interest, trust or respect for the one who gave it to you.
  • Meaning of a Costume or Fake Ring

    May suggest that its significance to you is not genuine or is not what you think it is,
  • May represent someone or something that is fake or cheap.

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