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What do Nails mean in a dream?

What do Nails mean in a dream?

Dreaming with nails
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What do dreams about nails mean?

Nails in a dream may be a reference to “nails” (as in a fastener) or to fingernails or toenails. Keep in mind that whichever one of these appears in your dream may be a pun on one of the others, so meanings of all them should be considered.
  • Nails (fasteners) in a dream

    May symbolize hard work, physical labor, masculine energy and strength.
  • May represent the resources needed to make repairs or finish a project.
  • May suggest you are sealing or closing something off within yourself.
  • A nail may be a phallic symbol.
  • Hammering Nails

    May represent an ability to drive a hard bargain.
  • May symbolize a release of pent up or repressed anger.
  • May be a pun on being “hammered” or drunk.
  • May symbolize persistence, an argument or an interrogation.
  • Stepping on a Nail

    May represent an obstacle in your path.
  • May symbolize something that hurt when trying to reach a goal or accomplish something.
  • May suggest a need to be more careful of the steps you are taking and where you are going.
  • Fingernails or toenails in a dream

    Fingernails may represent self-protection.
  • May suggest being alert and on the defensive.
  • Polishing/painting your Nails or getting a manicure or pedicure

    May symbolize vanity.
  • May symbolize your Persona or a desire to make yourself look more presentable to others.
  • May symbolize feminine energy and sexuality.
  • Long, polished fingernails may symbolize a life of leisure, glamour or wealth.
  • Painting or polishing your toenails may symbolize you are trying to put your best foot forward to impress someone.
  • Short, dirty fingernails may symbolize hard, manual labor or may suggest that you are neglecting yourself or your health.
  • Breaking a nail may suggest you let your guard down and you got hurt.
  • Your fingernails or toenails falling off

    May represent a need to protect a small detail about yourself or in your life.
  • May symbolize holding something back from others to protect yourself or what is yours.
  • If you lose a toenail, you may be forgetting a small, but important, detail.
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