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What does a Hug mean in a dream?

What does a Hug mean in a dream?

Dreaming with hugging
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What do dreams about hugging mean?

Dreams about hugging may symbolize the acceptance of a new or emerging aspect of yourself.
  • May symbolize embracing an aspect or characteristic that you admire in someone and accepting it within yourself.
  • Hugging someone or something in a dream may symbolize a need to love or accept someone or something in waking life.
  • May symbolize someone or something that you are holding close to you or close to your heart.
  • Dreaming of hugging someone may suggest that you need to be more affectionate or you may need to express your emotions more openly.
  • May represent a need for love and acceptance from someone else.
  • Being hugged can also be emotionally and physically healing.
  • You may need to release some negative energy, emotions and thoughts and accept the love and positive energies around you.
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  • Rhsnail


    Posted on Apr 7, 2017

    I had a dream where I was in Physiology class and I was at a lab station and this girl whose in my class but I've hardly ever talked to said my name in a relationship way and hugged me tightly. I have a crush on the girl but I never have talked to her but had this dream and it was peculiar.

    • Roxanneliz #sunday

      Roxanneliz #sunday

      Posted on Apr 13, 2018

      i was crying and some guy i don't recognize give a tissue and hug me and then a another guy came wanted to know if im ok but the another seem to be my friend but the guy hugging me stop him from going to near to me and give me book

      • Kelly Foley

        Kelly Foley

        Posted on Jul 14, 2018

        I was hugging a guy in my dream about my size and height and his body felt good Against my body and I told him it felt so good to just keep hugging me. I finally let go. It felt so good. So intimate and so refreshing.

        • Brooke_Allen


          Posted on Nov 17, 2018

          I had a dream that I was in the school canteen. I was with 3 other friends sat down, I saw my bf and I just walked up and gave him a really really long hug ( I’m not suppose to be seeing him in real life ) but there were 2 of his friends that were watching ( they don’t know in real life ) but they didn’t say anything but I didn’t care ( I normally am really anxious about being around him in school because of my mum )

          • daybreak


            Posted on Nov 24, 2018

            I had a dream with one of my friends and we just hugged for what seemed forever... it was weird but pleasant... i don't know.


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