What Does It Mean When You Dream About Flying?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Flying?

Dreaming with flying
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What do dreams about flying mean?

Flying dreams are one of the top 10 dream themes reported by dreamers and may symbolize feeling "high", being happy in general or feeling good about something specific in waking life.
  • Interpretations of flying dreams

    Dreams of flying may represent high hopes; feeling that nothing can hold you down or keep you from reaching your goals; and could indicate that you are feeling in control of your life and your emotions. Usually a sense of euphoria or freedom is felt when flying in dreams, perhaps signifying you have freed yourself of a sticky situation or have achieved a recent goal. Freud saw flying as representing sexual release.
  • Dreaming you are airborne may indicate you are reaching new heights or levels of achievement in your career or you may be reaching higher levels of spirituality or consciousness; may also represent attaining or reaching for your high ideals or goals in life.
  • Alternately, flying may be compensating for a lack of freedom in waking life or may suggest you are overlooking or avoiding something. It may also suggest that you need to see things from a higher perspective or to look at the big picture. While flying you may also be looking down on or feeling negatively about something or someone, possibly yourself.
  • Having Trouble Flying in Dreams

    Finding yourself able to fly only a few feet off the ground in dreams may be an indication that something is holding you down or holding you back in life or something is preventing you from reaching a goal. It may also symbolize a fear of succeeding or a fear to express yourself.
  • Dreams about flying into wires or losing control may symbolize concerns and anxieties about the completion of a waking life goal or project or may be suggesting that you are focusing on things that could go wrong in life.

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  • Lala Sims

    Lala Sims

    Posted on Dec 11, 2016

    My flying dreams started well over 30 yrs ago. This dream I was flying upright at building level with people and children below. I was actually looking for where I parked my car. When other people saw me flying they began to fly. Some people were amazed that I was flying men starred and tried to touch part of my clothing as I flew pass them. A guy tried to fly with me the nearer he got the higher I went, he grabbed my two hands and I started crying until he said he knew what I was looking for and where it was. He showed me and I flew a feet away from my car touched ground and then walked to the car and got in. Before I could pull off, I woke up.

    • Shymaxwell


      Posted on Jul 28, 2017

      Did u find a meaning to this dream? I had a dream last night pretty much the same exact concept. Was flying over the town looking for my car where I had parked. When 2 girls were amazed that I could fly. I tried teaching them. But soon after I remember where I had parked it.

      • miesumae


        Posted on Feb 13, 2017

        I almost always am dreaming of flying since recently. Even last night I dreamt that I flew over a building to get away from a monster.

        • Mu 360

          Mu 360

          Posted on May 6, 2017

          I was flying along just above the ground swimming style like a mermaid. It felt amazing.

              • paul basson

                paul basson

                Posted on Aug 11, 2017

                I dreamt about my kids father who is ded who I went to see in I place I was scared of going in but I went with his wife and suddenly he was alive and I was so glad to see him and went inside and his wife was standing in the door just looking at us he was so thin and wears I white shirt and it was full of blood and I lift him up and hugged him and cried saying to him how glad I was that he is alive and that I missed him so much and the kid's and he sed that he knows and sed that he also misses us and I told him how the kid's cried for him and that they are going to be so glad if they see that he's alive and he sed that I must tell them tomorrow he will come and take them to the beach


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