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What does dreaming about your family mean?

What does dreaming about your family mean?

Dreaming with Family
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What do dreams about Family mean?

Family members in a dream can mean many different things. They may simply be themselves and the dream may be dealing with some aspect of your family life or your relationship with these family members. Consider the dynamics and interpersonal relationships within the dream and how they may be different from waking life. There may be an important lesson to learn about yourself and/or your relationship with your family.
  • Family members may also be representing aspects of yourself. For instance, your mother may be representing your own maternal instincts and your father may represent the authoritarian or the aspect of yourself that tells you what you should do. When you dream of your parents, siblings and cousins, etc., ask yourself what trait or characteristic comes to mind when you think about them – they may be representing this aspect of yourself or be telling you that you need to incorporate this aspect into yourself.
  • Depending on your relationship with your family, dreaming of your family may represent security, warmth and love; or bitterness, jealousy, and rivalry. Think of the dynamics of your relationships in the dream and where similar dynamics may be playing out in your waking life.
  • Family in dreams may be bringing you back to a specific time in your past. In this case, something probably occurred in waking life recently that is bringing the past to the forefront of your conscious or unconscious. It’s not unusual to have dreams about your family when you are anticipating seeing them, after a recent visit and around holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. It may be that you feel so loved afterwards that your unconscious is making the most of that feeling; or it may be that some unfinished issue from the past has been dredged up and the unconscious is offering the opportunity to identify it and heal it. For instance, old jealousies, hurts and rivalries may pop up as you reminisce about the past.
  • “Family” may also be a pun on “familial” or “familiar” and the dream is pointing out something that you should be familiar or comfortable with.
  • Explore the meaning of the specific family member for more insight.
  • Death of Family Members in a Dream

    Dreaming of a family member dying does not necessarily mean that they are going to die in the near future. While such dreams can be precognitive, in most cases they are not. As mentioned above, the family member may representing an aspect on yourself, and so dreaming of them dying is an indication that you are undergoing some changes and the aspect of yourself that they represent is “dying” or is no longer needed within you; or the relationship is changing and you are no longer seeing them as they once were.
  • Someone Else’s Family

    Dreaming of seeing or being with a family that is not your own may be showing you a different family dynamic than your own, which may be providing you a learning experience. Consider how the family members interact with each other and with you. How different is this from your own family relationships?
  • Dreaming of being with someone else’s family may also suggest there is an aspect of you that is jealous of this person and desire what he/she has. Consider what is missing in your life or within you that this person has?
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              • Noah Smith

                Noah Smith

                Posted on Sep 1, 2017

                dream of family members and demons

                • Fiver


                  Posted on Dec 27, 2017

                  Your surroundings is evil. A lot of bad people. It may not be bad if your demons are not hurting you.

                      • jacqueline tyler

                        jacqueline tyler

                        Posted on Nov 8, 2017

                        I dream of my dead uncle telling me to have faith

                        • Fiver


                          Posted on Dec 27, 2017

                          You loss trust in someone or not to trust someone. It all depends on how it was said in your dream.

                          • bobby1981


                            Posted on Nov 9, 2017

                            my uncle went missing four months ago my sis had a dream he was buried in a suitcases

                            • bobby1981


                              Posted on Nov 11, 2017

                              my uncle went missing up in the duck mountain on July 24 of this year rcmp were there search and rescue could find nothing no foot print nothing then my sister had a dream the other day my uncle was screaming in her face saying he was buried in a suitcase what does that mean

                                • Lisa Santa Lucia

                                  Lisa Santa Lucia

                                  Posted on Nov 20, 2017

                                  Nov. 20th woke up 5:25: As i was leaving mom said (dad was sitting next to her, at their kitchen table) "i feel bad, we are right here and we cant do any thing for her". I said ill be ok. I asked where she was. She said she came back from some job she didnt like. Asked her if she was going back she said no. I started crying, hugged her...woke up. my mom has been deceased since July 16, 2016. In dream we actually spoke. I hugged her like she was really still here.

                                    • Davedreamer


                                      Posted on Dec 5, 2017

                                      I dreamt of my ex wife who recently passed away. Our marriage wasn’t close to the best but we still loved each other. The dream was of us together , I had apparently taken her back . She was still as she was which is was, well impossible. Our daughter who passed years ago as an infant was in my arms.It was realistic in that she was exactly as she was in life, but apparently had accepted it and we were together again. Some of our absolute dearest friends were there with us. We have twin boys who were in the dining room. Now o preface this by saying I thought I had lived in and got my heart broken. I believe it was just because I was still vulnerable, but it shocked the hell out of me non the less. Don’t know if this has anything to do with that?

                                      • Renuald Richardson

                                        Renuald Richardson

                                        Posted on Dec 5, 2017

                                        Dreams are manifested from the spirit. The spirits that appear as your family members are not the people that you remember. They are illusions. They are masters of trickery. They know your weaknesses and strengths, and by playing on your weakness they control you awake life. Don't be fooled. Those spirits are keeping you from your true goals in life. We all think that what we are doing now is good enough, but alot of times, we are not doing the things that truly make us happy. Family issues will keep you from pursuing what your spiritual mind is telling you to do. Finances could be a factor

                                          • desiree1


                                            Posted on Dec 13, 2017

                                            my brother that passed away in my dream he was alive I was living with him and my ex boyfriend lived with us too

                                            • Haleigh Redding

                                              Haleigh Redding

                                              Posted on Dec 30, 2017

                                              One time I had a dream that my mom had stopped the car with her and my dad also me my brother and my little sister my by one Window my brother in the mimiddle I by the other window my mom rolled down the window and a guy who looked exactly like my brother was standing by the window trying to touch me but he was cross eyed and when I woke up I was breathing really hardly does any one have a answer why???

                                              • gracii&mando boss&chuck

                                                gracii&mando boss&chuck

                                                Posted on Jan 15, 2018

                                                I had a dream of my uncle who passed away four years ago, he was getting out of prison in a wheelchair what does that mean

                                                • kirbymccoy


                                                  Posted on Jan 25, 2018

                                                  I have often dreamed of my daughters grandma who passed years ago and we had a good honest relationship when she was alive but,in the dream she was mean to me and blamed me for how I treated my daughter.

                                                      • Littleredboat


                                                        Posted on Feb 27, 2018

                                                        I had a dream my sister, her 3 kids, and I were escaping someone trying to kill us. My niece (4 years old) fell behind so I obviously made it my obligation to make sure she got to the house safely. It all happened so out of order that I lost track of her, thinking the "bad people" had taken her. But after all my worrying and panic she was fine and in the house. The dream ended there. Last night I had a dream about my mom, I went out and text her and asked if she could pick me up, a normal thing that we do. She hadn't answered me and I started to worry and panic something had happened to her while also seeing police cars with their sirens drive past. After a while of crying and panicking she showed up to get me and she was fine. Thats where the dream ended. Can anyone tell me what these mean?

                                                              • AmyF2382


                                                                Posted on Apr 16, 2018

                                                                your dreams is about Family Members, maybe they are trying to tell you something, my Family is in my dreams also but for like supporting and things like that. Family is Family no matter what happens in life

                                                                • Anthony Hartley

                                                                  Anthony Hartley

                                                                  Posted on May 11, 2018

                                                                  my sis and i dont talk and i dreamed me and her were in the kitchen looking for something to eat

                                                                    • Naomi Hunt

                                                                      Naomi Hunt

                                                                      Posted on May 23, 2018

                                                                      my xhusband keeps coming into my dreams.i am still very much in love with him

                                                                        • Wanda Auzston

                                                                          Wanda Auzston

                                                                          Posted on Jun 12, 2018

                                                                          My young son much older now running to be with my sister who is driving off

                                                                              • maria santos

                                                                                maria santos

                                                                                Posted on Sep 21, 2018

                                                                                I saw daughter falling and saw my self catching h ere r and blood coming out of her mouth

                                                                                  • Lynn Price

                                                                                    Lynn Price

                                                                                    Posted on Oct 11, 2018

                                                                                    my grandma came back and was only seeing my grandpa. She was very happy to see him and rubbing his hair and face

                                                                                    • Chris Moore

                                                                                      Chris Moore

                                                                                      Posted on Nov 9, 2018

                                                                                      its my dads dream he says its me and the rest of the family except my mom and were walking threw the dessert and next thing you knw he stops an grabs my hand an says now its your turn

                                                                                      • Mariam Laden

                                                                                        Mariam Laden

                                                                                        Posted on Nov 19, 2018

                                                                                        what does it mean to dream about when crying when your parent has died?

                                                                                        • Desirae R

                                                                                          Desirae R

                                                                                          Posted on Nov 23, 2018

                                                                                          my cousin delivers my baby and is calm and happy about it. in wake life she's passed now for 5 years. she was young, and like the big sister I never had. she was my best friend. in the dream she acted like she was still alive and nothing had happened like it did in wake life. but at the end of the dream she said my baby died and kept it's body in a pantry cabinet so I could see for myself.

                                                                                          • Shemie Stanley

                                                                                            Shemie Stanley

                                                                                            Posted on Nov 28, 2018

                                                                                            My mom had a dream where her died cousin was trying to expose her secrets... what does it mean?


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